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Ken Masters

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Ken Masters
Ken Masters Bio:

been heavily involved in all aspects of the hip-hop culture in and around newcastle for about ten years. my first crew went by the name "sinista youth", on some kevin the teenager rebellion type eesh. we then transmogrified that into "the sinista hoodlumz" (at this point i have to say peace to poser and syanide, the 2 co-founders of the hoodz)after a few years of complying to the authorities stereotype of delinquency with tongues in cheek we wised up a bit and changed direction slightly. one new member joined (Originearl aka E-Quip), 2 left and the name was changed to "North Starz" (circa 1997).from here the ball relly started rolling as we worked with other local emcees, deejays and producers.E-Quip's brainchild, "Rapawe" was born out of neccessity, with local talent overflowing with artists such as; "Untamed", "NEI", "Just Us" and a load of other dope emcees appearing from the woodwork.
I currently am busy working on 2 fronts, firstly North Starz with E-quip and also Patta Merchants with my man image (from untamed).

posted: 14 Sep 2004 04:46 PM