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Vstyle Bio:

"WHO IS V-STYLE?" Versatile-Style’s reaction to his musical talent started at the age of 15 when he performed as a Rapper under production of a Los Angeles youth production corporation, “Jammin for Kids Sake”, directed at that time by Sheila Ferguson. At the age of 15, V-Style reigned as the President and Project Manager promoting showcases and events nationally. He has been featured in various Hip-Hop groups including D.W.G. (Destine with Greatness) and the D.A (Dysterbed Addikts) and featured as a solo artist with the alias V-Style and as a producer with the alias Big Ted. At the age of 17, V-Style worked closely with GQ Productions where he held the main title as Chief Engineer and head in-house producer. With years of hard work and aspirations to be the greatest, V-Style signed his first record deal to Grand Jury Records at the age of 18. In 2000, V-Style matched up with X-Cite Studios, as an engineer and in-house producer, and was mentored by Del Atkins. Subsequently, he has collaborated with local artists including King Lou, Element Spitflames, C-NoEvil, Monet, Scarlet Pomers, Sizzle Pop, Yak, Lauren Woodland, L.M.T, Jemetta Rose, Ms Toi, and many more. As V-Style was making a name for himself, he worked at Studio City Sound as Assistant Engineer to the Grammy Award winner Tom Weir. During 2002, he learned some but not all of the secrets of the “Golden Ear Weir”. He also co-produced, and was ghostwriter for the L.M.T. album, which was collaborated and executive produced with Kevin Colman from the rock group Smash Mouth, in 2003. V-Style made his breakthrough in film, and produced source music for the movie, “Bad Apples.” He was a featured artist in various films prior to this however, the popularity of “Terminator 3” benchmarked V-Style’s entry into film. By 2004, V-Style toured performing to sold-out crowds at The Greek Theater and Cesar’s Palace asino and Hotel and various events in Canada. In addition, V-Style had the hot single “Go” with Monet sweeping the city in 2005. V-Style toured with Heather Headly and Jessica Simpson, as Protools Tech and was the Assistant Engineer to Herman Jackson on Norman Brown’s latest album. V-Style took his artistry into the middle-eastern community with the collaboration with Shani Rigsbee and produced and featured on her hit single “Get Somebody”, which was rated #7 on the S.T.S. Charts. V-Style also collaborated with Lauren Woodland on her song “Deep inside” which was the opening act for New Music Weekly Award Show 2005. In 2006, V-Style collaborated with Cineville/Keystone Studios on a production and source/scoring deal for the films “GI Jesus” and “Pledge This.” At the same time, he collaborated with Shani Rigsbee once again, and produced an international hit “Dokhtar Pesarch”. He has performed it live at Canada’s Wonderland, Club Avalon and many other venues. V-Style is currently working on the release of his debut album “Put that s**t out all ready!!!”, he has a street single “I AM”, and is currently arranging touring plans for California.

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