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FireCloud Productions

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FireCloud Productions
FireCloud Productions Bio:

This cross-genre music is hard to categorize, but for lack of another term would probably best fit in the "new age" genre. There are nature sounds and various effects along with synthesis and guitars. It is mostly instrumental. There are themes to each recording. I try to tell stories or paint pictures using my music. It is visionary and inspiring.

FireCloud Productions started as a pet project of mine following a lay off from my job. And from there it's just taken off seeing a total of 13 CD projects since my first release in 1998. My sound is certainly new age and instrumental in nature, but I deviate from stereotypes and refuse to be categorized. All of my songs however share one unique thing, which is an uplifting spirit and a sound that could almost be found in nature.

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Click here to stream HiFi Angels Unaware FireCloud Productions - "Angels Unaware" - New Age
Click here to stream HiFi Cry Of The Ancients FireCloud Productions - "Cry Of The Ancients" - World
Click here to stream HiFi Daybreak In The Canyon FireCloud Productions - "Daybreak In The Canyon" - Abstract