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Urban Theory

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Urban Theory
Urban Theory Bio:

Isaac Johnson and Giovanni met on July 1st, 2005. Together they merged their talents to create a unique sound in which they could show the world their theory, Urban Theory. Urban Theory was created on the basis of their point of view on life, the world around them, and the world in general. With their first album, Urban Theory 101, Isaac and Giovanni reach crowds of all types delivering the message behind their music in hopes it would make a difference in someone elses life. Music binds them together and through this bond lives an uncalculated amount of harmony, passion, and rhythm that will break barriers and take you to a place that youve never been before.

Isaac Johnson, born in Tacoma Washington, April 1st, 1983, comes from a solid Gospel background. He began to play the drums in church and later recognized his vocal abilities, in which he immediately began to refine. He later grew interested in the piano and began to write and compose his own music. After he graduated from high school, he attended Florida Memorial University where he studied music. As the years went by his talent and passion for music grew stronger and he put out a solo Gospel album on March 3rd, 2005, titled I.J.. Now with his own style and Giovannis flavor, they can take their music beyond the expectations of their audience.

Giovanni, born in Miami Florida, November 29, 1981, learned that he had talent for writing at the early age of 7. His writing grew from short stories to poetry, and within his teenage years he began to write his own novels. During high school, he picked up a keyboard class, in which he discovered he had talent for the piano, and later in his senior year joined the high school choir and performed Gospel music. Upon graduation, he was given a scholarship at Saint Thomas University to hold up the school name in its first Ensemble in nothing but pure a cappella performances. His passion for music grew throughout the years and has finally brought him upon the journey, which is known to him as Urban Theory.

Urban Theory? Its a nature, a way of being, and a way of living only Isaac and Giovanni know how to explain. It is their way of viewing the world through imperfect eyes, yet depicting the imperfections of life and vividly showing the world through chords on a piano and through their vocals on each track. Not only are they talented, they provide meaning to their music that truly leaves you thinking.

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