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In music today, it seems that there is a never-ending source of variety available to please every discriminating palate. The boundaries available are pushed beyond the limits in every conceivable manner. And yet there are still new directions that can be explored. Within the IB6-UB9 philosophy lie the belief that the boundaries lie both within and without. One can reach for the stars or simply reflect from inside, stealing to the roots that make up every musical note that resonate in our souls.
A blend of individuals with varying degrees of success in the northwest music scene over the last decade and a half, IB6-UB9 has come together to combine their own influences into a powerful brand of heavy rock music that verges on the anthemic sounds of pop. With influences like Van Halen, Aerosmith, Pantera, Savatage and Hank Williams (just to name a few), their style of rock music is like many and unlike any other all at the same time.
Veterans of bands such as Fair Warning, X-Piracy, Arrival, Jets Riddle and Ozone Baby, IB6s members have agreed it is time that the northwest music scene be bombarded with their up tempo power rock freak show!
Shane Thornton, bassist and lead vocalist, fronted the band X-Piracy in the late 80s, only to return to the northwest scene in the early 90s to front yet another hard rocking power group Jets Riddle. Shanes patented rock cowboy lyrics and musical style provide just enough twang to cause even the most dedicated line dancer to throw away his or her inhibitions and dive into the pit!
Guitarist Tim Potter was heavily influenced by the amazing playing and incredible production of Van Halen and Aerosmith. A believer that dreams come true to those who are willing to take the risk, Tim has spent the better part of the last twenty years working with and occasionally jamming with artists of varying success. The founder of the band Arrival and guitarist for Jets Riddle, Tim continues to believe that music is the greatest equalizer.
Shane Thomas sets the pace with beats that define the musics powerful groove. A veteran drummer who has played with the band Ozone Baby during the 90s, Shane takes the reigns and drives the coach like no other. His powerful beats provide the backbone that solidifies the IB6 boys into the dynamic lineup of rock musicians they are becoming.
Guitarist and vocalist Phil Parks has been in and out of the northwest music scene over the last twenty years. Always in search of the finest new music, Phil has had the opportunity to be involved with many experienced and incredible artists from the northwest. Starting his musical career in classical music at an early age and moving into rock in the mid-80s, his stint as a guitarist in the band Arrival in the early 90s helped define his belief that music is the language which has no barriers.
Power with groove and a driving high-energy grind makes IB6-UB9 not only an interesting musical escapade, their presence, style and attitude give a fresh meaning to a world where music reaches mundane inadequacies and commercial repetitiveness.
Visit IB6-UB9 on the web at For booking information, call (541) 953-6545.

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A heavy rocker first released on Holloween 2004! Solo break - Tim Potter    

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