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Paul Jeans

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Paul Jeans
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Paul Jeans

Paul Jeans eclectic mix of fragile, soul touching melodies with spine tingling lyrics and powerful tender vocals is breaking the mould of the UK music scene. With his second album, Original, due for release August this year, this deeply emotive yet liberatingly uplifting album looks to prove more successful than its predecessor.

Born in Northumberland, 1978, Paul began writing music as a cathartic exercise. Pauls commitment and talent lead him to begin his career in various rock bands, but in 2001 he discovered with his diverse experience in playing every instrument independently, that his passion was best placed performing as a solo artist.

Since beginning his solo career, Paul embarked on a journey which found him in high demand from both local and national promoters. After working briefly with Oriel Records in 2004, Paul toured the UK and Germany to sell out gigs promoting his debut album Tides. The lyrics and melodies on Tides tease on the side of pain and longing yet with a surprisingly uplifting slant and is by Pauls own admission, filled with deeply personal emotive songs about love and loss. The lyrics are articulate, intelligent and infectious and in the few months of its release in March 2004 the 1,000 copies pressed had sold out.

Now, with a more mature and lighter feel to that of his debut album, Paul Jeans has been described as an incomparable talent that begs to be experienced (The Journal) 2005.