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Robin Gibson

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Robin Gibson
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I was born in Vancouver Washington to Bob and Lois Gibson who both played country music all their lives, since they were teenagers. When I was brought home as a baby, I lived in a crib behind the control room at Ripcord Recording Studios which my parents owned and is still in existance today in Vancouver. This was my start to life and I would guess that is where I started to get the musical inspiration, even subconciously.

I had always played guitar from a young age, self-taught. I went to school in Seattle and we had "Guitar Class". We never really did anything in there only mess around, but this is where I stared to get involved in live performances as well as singing on stage every now and again with my parents, who played country music .

My heart and soul was always leaning towards the heavier rock music. This is what I remained doing for quite some time, singing in hard rock bands, writing rock music etc. The only problem was that I was doing this in Nashville. I lived in Nashville for about 10 years, and at the time nobody was looking to sign rock bands in Nashville, but I always loved to sing rock and hard rock and wasn't ready to move into any other genre.

I moved to Ireland and started writing country as well as rock. I had it in my genetic make up, but never really wanted to do it. Now I am more willing to write and sing different types of music. I love singing, it doesn't really matter what it is.

John "Skully" Downey who is from Ireland plays bass on all the stuff. I write the songs, engineer them, sing on them and then I say hey "Skully" this song needs some bass on it and wah-lah, a song is born.

I sing, write and record country, rock, hard rock, metal, pop etc. You name it! My motto is write what you feel, and feel what you play!

Who would I most like to record and write with? Jimmy Page

What would be the ideal Hard Rock Band for me to sing in? Scorpions

What would the ideal rock band for me to sing in? Led Zeppelin

Who is my favourite Country Artist? Keith Urban

Who is my favourite Rock Female Singer? Ann Wilson

Who is my favourite Country Female Singer? Shania Twain

Which producers would I most like to work with? Mutt Lange and Dan Huff

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