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Solae Bio:

Since the age of 2, there has always been something in this young star far more extravagant then any other child star. Something not only the dance, voice instructors saw but a gift that blinded her parents for so many years. Solae formerly known as Natasha Thrower won star parts in many plays at the age of 4 & 5, as well as led musicals all the way to age 11. Something in this child was taking over the musical art scene. Solae would be auditioning to model clothes at the age of 6. Didn't work out but the great Allah had another plan for her. At age 8 Solae signed with March Hare Management to pursue a young acting career. As well as working with the producers of BayWatch and Saved By the Bell, she formed a group with two of her bestfriends. Solae always knew she wanted to sing from the time she and two other girls performed covers of Cleopatra in front of their 4th grade class for licorice. At the age of 8 Solae started writing lyrics and wrote three songs for her group titles "Unique". "Lol, they were so corny. One was called cheatin and some of the lyrics go like this. Kind of scrambled but its all i can remember: Why you puttin impurities down the drain? Are you insane..My minds thinkin bout you today, I don't care about life anyway..My heart keeps on beepin, why can't you stop cheatin?" Solae sings. Solae would perform with her group at pool parties and in front of relatives. Soon her contract with March Hare would end and Solae departed from her group and Moved to Reno, Nv at age of 11. Things were going slow for the next few years but soon to pick back up and fall hard back down. She won lead and sang the solo "Memory" for her school broadway play CATS.
Solae formed a new group with members Winta, Dy' Nicha and Opal called Essence. They practiced about 10 times always missing one member and after 3 years of nonsense Solae decided to leave the group. "One day I called up Winta and was just like yo, i always wanted to be in a group. But we ain't goin nowhere. Ya'll aint as focused and dedicated as I am and you always want to party and do this over practicing. So i'm gone." Solae recalls. And after that the group was completely dismantled. Solae signed with John Robert Powers to go into acting until her grades slipped and her father forced her to drop out. Solae decided to pursue a solo career and blueprint out her path to stardom. Working with top underground producing, and writing hit lyrics Solae is soon to knock off all underground artists trying to get into the scene. This multi-talented star is not waiting for her chance but fighting for her chance earning respect everywhere she conquers.