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The Showguns

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The Showguns
The Showguns Bio:

The Showguns started out in the summer of 2002. Guitarist Michael Berman Grutzky and Singer Gabriel von Malmborg kick off the band because they felt Sweden needed quality rock. The rythm section today consist of drummer Anders S. Paulsen and bassplayer Niklas Friberg who complete the vision of a groovy hardrocking band with a modern sound. Establishing themselves as a spectacular live act.

The Showguns have just released their new album Street Metal.
Feel free to listen to some of the new material and don't forget to visit our website for more news and information on:

The Showguns posted: 16 Jun 2004 06:19 AM
Official Website: Http:// Upcoming gig: Mango Bar 31/8-2004 Sveavägen