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Angel DeLuna

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Angel DeLuna
Angel DeLuna Bio:

Angel is a smooth R&B singer songwriter with a mellow edge that is uniquely her own. She is a multitalented artist that composes her own vocal arrangements, creates her harmonies and write her own lyrics. Born December 30, 1982 with a Spanish Japanese heritage, this Arizona native grew up listening to Hip Hop in the 80's and 90's, but found an interest in every style of music from R &B to Opera. Music has always been a part o Angel's life in one form or another, whether it was Playing clarinet in grade school or singing in her high school choir These days she has developed her own unique approach to singing and song writing with her focus on the piano. This helps her compose original pieces that add another dimension to her music. Her unique harmonized sound brings a sultry flavor to her mellow R & B style. This world is ready for this Angel.

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