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Android Ethic

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Android Ethic
Android Ethic Bio:

“Terrific lead vocal... impressive use of falsetto... (Android Ethic) are power popsters at heart... Sophisticated and hooky.”
-TAXI A&R Listener ID # 30

"The quality of the writing and performances are high. (Android Ethic) have a great pop sensibility and a really good band."
-TAXI A&R Listener ID # 147

(To Be In Love) is easily the best song I've heard (on Broadjam) - excellent all around. The hook is stellar, the recording is good and it's both original and accessible... Great, great job." 5 out of 5 in every category.
-Broadjam Member Review

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"Champagne and Cotton Candy" » Indie 3 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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A song about a girl. A beautiful girl. A crazy girl. A girl who has my heart.

I woke up on a radom morning with the 'Champagne and Cotton Candy' theme in my head. Over the space of 6 months I wasn't able to find the right verses or the rest of the chours for this song. Then one day, after considering many options over several months, I sat down to work on it again with Todd, and the music just jumped right out. We wrote the rest of the song in a few hours and had a rough demo later that day.

"To Be In Love" » Indie 0 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
Android Ethic - To Be In Love  » play hi-fi
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This powerful, vocally driven, hook laden, rock song explores the insanity of love.

I got inspired to write this song thinking about my father and something he used to say: Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live an institution? This comedic line drove the inspiration, and I adapted the concept into a song about love gone mad. I wanted to write a song that could be interpreted many different ways. To some it may be a cynical attack on love; To others, the desperate pleadings of a man whos lost touch with reality. Either way, its a beautiful song that is quite universal in its vivid depictions of life, love and loss.

"Down" » Indie 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
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This multi-textured pop song has as many layers musically as it does Lyrically. Both sorrowful and joyful, hopeful and disconcerting it explores the dichotomy of love and disappointment.

I started writing this song when it became clear to me that my ex-wife, the center of my world, would never be satisfied with even my best efforts. My love, and my every desire to make the relationship work, would only result and the thing I feared most: Letting her down, ultimately resulting in the demise of our marriage. Needing help in phrasing and context as well as emotional objectivity I brought the song to my colleagues. They were instrumental in solidifying the concepts of loss and inadequacy, resolving chord-structure and phrasing issues and developing the emotional arc of the song. Originally demoed at 70 BPM, the song was in a desperate need of a temp lift. Once lifted, I found a sample of rhythmic radio noise which lead to the construction of the intro and additional musical development. I wanted it to feel as if the listener had tuned into a random radio broadcast, becoming the emotional roller coaster, which is the song.