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The Vodka Systems

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The Vodka Systems
The Vodka Systems Bio:

The Vodka Systems is the brainchild of the bands musical genius - Marty Musika, along with Shona Bipolar, chanteuse, diva, superstar! and Dee Jay Kethan, master of the beats along with new diva superstar Miss Penny Laine, The Vodka Systems bring together both the avant garde and the popular. Their musical genre is reflected in their image, which is one of pure style, high energy and impecable taste. Their song styles are as diverse as their character.

"Ring My Doorbell" » Electronica 2 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
The Vodka Systems - Ring My Doorbell  » play hi-fi
This is the band new TVS song and is very different indeed to their previous offerings. This is hipnotic trance at its best. Dee Jay Kethan once more plays the Tibetan prayer bowl which will help you focus on meditation. The band hypnotically ask you to 'Ring My Doorbell'.

Dee Jay Kethan says 'beware the pink button'!

"Disco Dolly (remix)" » Electronica 1 Comments - Rate it! - Add to favorites!
The Vodka Systems - Disco Dolly (remix)  » play hi-fi
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This is the smash hit single that everyone is talking about! They a doing the dance in brighton beach as we speak!