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Anticipation grows through the crowd and you cant help but feel the heart pumping adrenaline as Alma Tejana aka Los A-T BOYZ hit the stage!! With their unique mix of Vallenato, Reggeton, Urban Cumbia and Ranchera, these young talented musicians have soulfully evolved to become Los A-T Boyz. Los A-T Boyz hail from Austin, Texas and are known for excitement, charisma, energetic performances and dynamic stage presence. They have shared the stage with such great artists as Bobby Pulido, Michael Salgado, Little Joe, Las Sirenas Del Carribe, David Lee Garza, Fito Olivares, Mazz, Jay Perez, Ram Herrera, Ruben Ramos, and Grupo Vida to name a few. Los A-T Boyz are official artists of Corpus Christi based powerhouse Hacienda Records.

Los A-T Boyz are made up of Raphael Rodriguez (lead vocalist and saxophone), Paquito Rodriguez (accordion, trumpet, and vocals), Fernando Rodriguez (Drums and Percussion), Paco Rodriguez (guitar, bajo-sexto and vocals) and Josh Gauna (bass guitar). Together they produce powerful and energetic music that keeps the dance floors packed. Weather its a spicy charanga, a cumbia interlaced with melodic catchlines or a heartfelt ranchera their contagious performances continue to have the steady growing fanbase wanting more. In addition, Los A-T Boyz talent, coupled with their vibrant stage shows have put them in high demand for various major events throughout the state of Texas and beyond including Fiesta Amistad, Tejano Music Awards Fanfare, Fiesta Texas, Austin Livestock Show and Rodeo, Fiesta Week, and the Menudo Cook-off. Additionally, they have performed for sold out crowds of over 10,000 fans for the Fiesta Mexicana Festival at the Hart Plaza Amphitheater in Detroit, Michigan and The Topeka Festival in Topeka, Kansas.

Various Awards that Los A-T Boyz have won or been nominated for include:

- Nominated in the Official Voting Ballot for the Tejano Music Awards in the following categories:

- Showband of the year - 2005 & 2004
- Raphael Rodriguez for Vocal Duo - 2005.

- Nominated for Video of the Year for Chica Bonita in 2005 - South by Tex-Mex (SX-Tex-Mex)

- The Tejano Artist Music Museum presented Paquito Rodriguez with an award for his contribution in the field of Tejano Music Accordionist

- In November of 2000, Austin Mayor Kirk Watson and Austin City Council declared November 19th A-T Boyz Day in Austin, Texas.

Los A-T Boyz have just finished recording their highly anticipated new CD Fuego Amor under Hacienda Records. For booking or appearance inquiries on this exciting young group contact - Martha Rodriguez at 512-929-0538 or via e-mail at

Visit the official site of Los A-T Boyz at - WWW.ATBOYZ.COM

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