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Aaron Haughwout

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Aaron Haughwout
Aaron Haughwout Bio:

Emotion and talent, those are two words that should be in any musician's volcabulary. It takes an excellent musician to write music that balances the right amount of talent and emotion. One of those musicians is a guitarist from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania named Aaron Haughwout.

Aaron is no stranger to the local music scene around Northeastern Pennsylvania. In previous bands such as Phantasm and Rydalin, Aaron's guitar wizardry amazed music fans and musicians alike. Now Aaron is about to step into another dimension as a solo artist in the genre of instrumental music.

Aaron's style is fused together by so many different influences. One minute it can go from a string scorching solo like you hear from John Petrucci (Dream Theater) to a soft yet emotional song like you hear from Eric Johnson or Joe Satriani and then to a deep sounding aggressive metal sound that you would hear from the likes of Slipknot or Flaw. No matter how you look at it, Aaron is a dynamic and well-rounded musician.

Helping Aaron on this project is former Arion and Phantasm bassist Joe Craig. Joe has also put out 3 CD's with his side project Jjc and will be releasing his own solo album in September of 2005. Joe is also co-producing Aaron's CD which will be out by the end of this year.

Talent and Emotion, in a great song the two go hand in hand and it takes a great musician to combine these elements. If you give one of Aaron's songs a listen, you'll find out that he combines talent and emotion with sheer excellence.

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