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donah hunter

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donah hunter
donah hunter Bio:

"I always wanted to sing,didnt even really realize that I could till I reached inside my self and became into myself"

"Until I started to feel that I could touch peoples hearts the way I say my favorites make me feel,I said you know what i can do that"

There are few young singers from todays R&B and its ever changing categorization due to lyrical content and delivery that possess the strength and soul fullness of Donah Hunter .
This New York based vocalists styling and writing places her in a niche all her own. She plays the keys, drums and is teaching herself guitar and still learning . She draws you into emotion with indescribable feeling .

Poetry also nurtured her love of storytelling songwriting and musical expression. Although she grew up in a tragically broken home , the foundation was strengthened by her unfounded wisdom and determination .

Drawing on a wealth of influences from jazz , hip hop, and gospel . Donah has nurtured a concept of individuality and spirituality that challenges the face of rhythm and blues/soul music .Her vocal expression is based on her exposure to a varied diverse collection of music dating back to Ella Fitzgerald , Aretha Franklin , Marvin Gaye ,Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder and Stephanie Mills, Sade to name just a few .
Performances at venues such as the Soul Caf , B Smiths ,The 5 Spot , Nells ,Downtime, The Cutting Room ,Ashford & Simpsons Sugar Bar ,live band assisted performances through out the metropolitan area,, opening act for the Manhattans/Intruders at Riverbank Stadium as well as opening for Tamia at the Mango Festival in Deerfield Beach, Florida. She has received an honorable mention in the John Lennon Songwriting contest. Nominated Best Female R&B Artist for the Urban Threshold Underground Music Awards. Collaborations with numerous up and coming hip hop and r&b artists and producers,in and out of state ,local public television shows, internet radio , local radio shows such as 91.9 promo radio, local am radio 81.5 as well as college radio . Website affiliatons such as Sound Click , Sony/Gig America, voted Best Female R&B artist . and where she has placed on the top artist spot. . Her basic goal is to convey a message of hope, love, faith, pain and perseverance through her music as well as many other aspects that embodies Donah Hunter

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