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K-waz The Lyrical Psycho

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K-waz The Lyrical Psycho
K-waz The Lyrical Psycho Bio:

"K-waz" means King, "Lyrical Psycho" lyrics crazy, meaning the flow patterns are lyrically crazy dope.

K-waz The Lyrical Psycho is an Mcee/Producer born and raise in Los Angeles, CA and that's ready to add more noise for
California period. K-waz has been writing Hiphop lyrics for 15 years and producing for 5 years. He was heavily influence by
N.W.A, Nas, LL Cool J and Kool G Rap. You can compare his style as a mixture of his influence mcees.K-waz watch his
buddies take the limelight and did there thang like Paperboy, Caffeine, Knehi (Da 5 Footas) and Voodoo (The Western
Hemisphere), Now it's his time to shine.
With his new album "Upon Man" produced by EB3 and Blazewun(checkout :Step Your Game Up) will be a powerful album
from Self-Xplanatory Music/MotionWorks Entertainment.The reason why the album called "Upon Man" is because he's bring
his style of hiphop for everyone to enjoy no matter what coast you're from.
Now K-waz reside in Palmdale, CA and he's making noise performing threw out the Hollywood area with his crew "The
Aftershocks Krewz". K-waz is a hungary Mcee/Producer that wants to keep pushing records out to represent the Westcoast
to the fullest.

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Produced By K-waz for Self-Xplanatory Music
Mixed and Recorded at: The Lyrical Lab
In Palmdale, CA
Publishing: Lyrical Psycho Rhymes