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Da Blaknix

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Da Blaknix
Da Blaknix Bio:

Da Blaknix (pronounced The Blacknicks) is an abstract hardcore hip-hop group that brings Old School. New School and Futuristic space age music together. Creativity is the key. Group members Q-N tha Quinessential and Bomelo tha Chameleon are from 3rd Ward, TX which is in Houston, TX. Da Blaknix grew up listening to many rap artists from RunDmc to Eric B. & Rakim.
Da Blaknix is part of The New Dirty South Movement which is a movement/culture that brings different styles and creative lyrical content unlike what is currently being displayed in Dirty South Music today.
Our various goals in the music business are to be the first successful hip-hop non-gangsta rap group to evolve from the Houston area, plus learn about the music business and eventually scout and produce other groups of all music forms from the 3rd Ward area. The meaning of the Da Blaknix is: (Black Lyricist Abstracting Kinetic notes into Xistence). We represent the 9 methods of motion (motion is kinetic energy) which is what we hit you with on a futuristic level unlike other rap artists that are out there today. Our music is a mix of Jazz funk and classical undertones with hip-hop blends.

The origin of Da Blaknix name: The meaning of Da Blaknix is Blaknix Lyricists Abstracting Kinetic Notes Into Existence. The origin of the name began several years ago when Bomelo and Q-N the Quinessential formed an R&B/Rap group. Bomelo was the singer and Q-N was the rapper. After going through several groups and several names for the group, the name Da Blaknix was chosen which is derived from "The Beatniks" a group of nonconformists who wanted to socially and artistically distinguish themselves from the norm. Da Blaknix sees themselves as modern day true hip-hop artists because of their different from the norm musical and poetic style.

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