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Purple Styx

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Purple Styx
Purple Styx Bio:

Exploding from their caravan on Canvey Island the Purple Styx sound has more energy than a boisterous two year old on a red Smartie high. Their Punk/RnB/Rock fusion is guaranteed to make you want to put on your dancing trousers and groove. Fuelled by a musical maturity beyond their years they dazzle and amaze with death defying riffs, supersonic beats and ten fingered bass lines. Bourne from such great artistes as 'Melvin’s Jumper' and 'The Gurus of Soif' they can’t fail to impress. Checkout the Gig Guide and come judge for yourself – If you can’t make the gigs; the guys can be found performing each weekend at Iceland, Clintons and Boots - Failing that, buy the new EP and become instantly more attractive to the opposite sex.