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Winteria Bio:

"Winteria Uber Twee, Uber Emotional (tweemo, anyone?) pop music from Sussex that sounds like Pavement taking a walk in the park. Winterias debut demo offering is a belly-swelling, yummy pop treat." NME 15TH October 2005

"Moody, brooding electronica infused Rock atmospherics. Strangely hymn like in places...the future sound of sussexis in safely innovative hands" (Melting Vinyl Promotions)

Owen Thomas (guitar, keyboards, vocals, words), James Duncan (guitar, keyboards, vocals), James Harvey (keyboards, words) met at a village school in Sussex in the last century and formed Winteria in the summer of 2003. After various line up changes they found Dan Sinclair (drums) and Chris Gogarty (bass) in a toyshop and pub respectively.They are named after a recently discovered deep sea fish.

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