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"YoungChamp" a new aspiring Hip Hop Artist out of New Jersey Is Killin The Hood,Clubs,And radios everywhere. His Voice Is Catching The Ears Of tens of Thousands in his short period of making songs. Every Song recorded by "YoungChamp" is self produced unless it states a certain Producers signature.

As a Younger Child "YoungChamp" would Go out and play basketball All day Bumping the old 50 cent and MOBB DEEP underground tracks and seen what people from the hood could really do if you put your mind and skill together."It's not all about getting out of the Hood with only Sports and school, But Don't Get Me Wrong I Finished School haha". YoungChamp says.

After High School "YoungChamp" got a recording
program from childhood friend "Phokiss" (a fellow artist around Massachuetts where YoungChamp is presently Living.) "After I Downloaded the Program into my computer, I automatically fell in Love with Music.
Hearing my own voice on tracks is very special to me, at first i thought it was a phase but after i started getting alot of Feedback on a site called "Soundclick"(A WorldWide Website For underground and new Upcomming Artist.) I Knew i was made To Do Music." says YoungChamp.

You Can Check YoungChamp on all down south Radio Stations by his Boy Holdin him Down Out There "Ron Blaze For Blaze One AllStars in Atlanta!! :) And Ladies!! He's Single And Looking For Someone To Call His Princess!! So get At Him!! :)

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This is my Boy Bangout Rippin

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