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Tanya RaeLee

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Tanya RaeLee
Tanya RaeLee Bio:

She will sweep you off your feet with her angel eyes, breathy voice, and unique looks. Her music is country with a rocky twist. When she is on stage its as if she floats like she's on air because the stage is where she feels the most comfortable. You can clearly see she puts her heart and soul into her work.
She was born and raised with her twin brother and younger sister in Oregon by a wonderful single mother and wonderful grandparents. They each went on to teach her to never give up on anything no matter how hard it may seem because nothing worthwhile is going to come easy.
Every since she was in 1st grade and went to her first music lesson she knew she wanted to be a singer one day. So she joined every kind of choir, jazz choir and drama classes that they had in school and church. She started college right after high school and went into dental and medical, however all she wanted to do was sing. So she quite college and started to sing in honky-tonk bars with bands all across Oregon when she was twenty. Sheís sung at many monster truck shows across the states as both of her brother-in-laws drive monster trucks. She also has a very wide fan base through out the states which include but not limited to: Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Texas, Kansas, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Alaska, and Hawaii.
She has sung the star spangled banner for many rodeoís and truck pulls throughout her career, and she even sang on stage at a club in Las Vegas in her wedding dress on her wedding night. She had accepted an invitation to go to the New York Convention in late 1999, but her life took a different turn at that time. Later she began flying back in forth to Nashville to do a 3 song demo however that proved to be a costly lesson as she met some dis-honest people. But she decided to sell everything and move her Family to Nashville and go after her dream anyways. Shortly after the move she found some really great people that helped her put a demo together for free.
She has worked very hard for everything she has accomplished so far, some people might not think its much but to her she has taken a step towards something most people only dream about doing.
Her influences growing up were mostly men because thatís what her grandfather listened too all the time. They include George Strait, Chris Ledoux, Kenny Rodgers, Jim Reeves, Marty Robbins, and Eddie Arnold. There was also dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and Reba McIntyre. Other influences are: Faith Hill, Shania Twain, Brad Paisley, Sara Evens, Allison Krause, Jo De Messina, and many more. She loves and listens to all types of music from Christian,country, rock, pop, and even rap.
She has written several songs over the past few years and has worked with many talented other writers here in Nashville. She's been through several upís and downs but there is one secret behind Tanya Rae Lee, she is very hard working and she never gives up. She likes to take risks, and she truly believes what brings her down only makes her stronger. She feels it in the pit of her stomach, she sees it in the distance, and she knows itís coming soon. She just doesnít know when, or how yet, and thatís what she loves the most, the constant edge, the big surprise.

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