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Noise Of Sound

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Noise Of Sound
Noise Of Sound Bio:

NOISE OF SOUND ( is a concept combining several musical influences such as Electronic Body Music (eg : Front 242), pop music (eg : New Order), New Wave (eg : The Cure) and even Rock (eg : The Cult).
All of these musical movements reveal themselves on different levels in the compositions of NOISE OF SOUND, which explains their unique atmosphere.
It cannot be denied that the Eighties have had an enormous influence on the music of NOISE OF SOUND. Certain sounds of the Nineties (eg : Diary Of Dreams) have also left their marks, however …

Pop/New Wave/Rock/Gothic...
Musicale influences: Ultravox,Visage,Front242,The Cure,Duran Duran,FGTH,Killing Joke,Tears For Fears,OMD,The Cult,Clan Of Xymox,New Order,Siouxsie & The Banshees,And Also The Trees,Diorama,Diary Of Dreams,Simple Minds,Talk Talk,The Mission,Sisters Of Mercy,Yel,The Killers,Human League....etc

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New Wave /Gothic instrumental - 2007 -    

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Gothic instrumental - 2005 -