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Blind Resurrection

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Blind Resurrection
Blind Resurrection Bio:

We are a metal band based out of Del Rio,Texas. We started in January 2005. All members were born in Del Rio except Adam,who was born in La Mesa,California. We play covers from bands such as: Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, and Trivium. We have also written 5 songs of our own and hope to record a demo really soon. We are starting to look for gigs now and we will be playing with our friends and fellow metal band ARSENAL.


April 7.2005 - DEMO COMING SOON--this is Adam again. We are almost done completing our first 5 songs, and when they are finished, we will be recording them at ITG Studios in San Antonio,TX. Date not yet setup, but we are aiming at possible the first week of June or sometime in December. We will let you know when we get a release date.

April 7,2005 - PICTURES COMING SOON--whaddup this is Adam. This Friday(tomorrow), we will be jamming and praciticing with our friends ARSENAL, so we can get ready for some shows that we hope to start playing soon. before we start practicing, we will take a few pictures and we will make sure to post them on here as soon as possible.

April 5,2005 - WE HAVE A NEW BASSIST--our original bassist Miguel quit the band a couple of weeks ago so we went on a bass player search. Well, that search has finally ended. Our friend David Espinoza has decided to join the band as our new bassist. We think he will fit in perfect with us, because we all love music and just like to have fun and play music. So welcome DAVID to the world of Blind Resurrection.

SONGS: here's our current list of originals:

1)Within a Tear
2)Drones of Death
3)Beautiful Chaos
4)World of Nothing

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This was the first song we wrote together. The guitar parts were written by Adam and revised by Michael and Vince. The lyrics were written by David and Adam. Drum part was written by Adam.    

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Lyrics and Guitar parts written by Vince Estrada. Drum part written by Adam Luna