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Danielle Bio:

Danielle is young woman growing into her voice as well as her personality. Born in sweaty Miami, FL, she has been performing and bringing the heat for family, friends, and strangers since she could remember. Singing primarily R&B/Hip Hop/Soul genre music, she also has an interest in Gospel, Country, Rock, Techno, Neo-Soul, and much more. Her influences range from Patti Labelle to Monica and Bette Midler to Cher. She is a diverse artist, whose talents know no boundaries. Her style is surrounded by her personality, which is outgoing and upfront. Being different and open is what she has always been. Not afraid of her own mistakes, she is a raw entertainer. Growing out of the fear of her voice and looks, she is driven to prove to all she can make it despite the industry imagine standard. "I feel you shouldn't have to look like Beyonce' or Ashanti to sell records and be successful. It is a plus to be beautiful, not a need. They are beautiful and talented women whom I respect very much."
Shy and scared, she began performing in local schools shows to break her fear. It proved to be the giant step she needed. As a member of the Miami Norland Senior High School chorus and Jazz band, she has performed many different styles of music. After high school, she started recording her first demo with a local producer named Jackie Worth in July of 2003. That demo consists of 4 original songs. Two of which she wrote herself. ("Slipped" and "The Friends") In January of 2004, Danielle decided it was time to go into the studio again, this time teaming up with Karl Heilbron a producer who has worked with the likes of Silk, Keith Sweat, Lisa “Left Eyet Lopes, and many more. Funding her own project Danielle is determined to go beyond the dream and make it a reality. However the demo process was filled with family and personal issues. But through writing and singing out the pain she found where her true voice laid.

"Music is what keeps me sane. It is my escape from the pain in the world. It is natural as breathing. Without it, I couldn't be me."

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