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Cantona has been building a following in Seattle since early 2004 through its exciting live act and two winning demos that showcase the melodically original pop songwriting that is the core of the band. Both demos were picked up quickly by local radio station KEXP. Taking the classic voice, guitar, bass and drums line up as a starting point, Cantona is a maddeningly coherent mix of Madchester, Alt Country, Pop (Brit, classic, power and Indie flavors), with a sprinkle of soul on top. In January 2005, Cantona released its first EP (produced by Jon Auer of the Posies and Big Star) on local maverick Saucy. 'A Sort of Smile' contains six original songs that cover the full spectrum of pop: from light pychedelia ("Run Boy Run"), to power pop ("So Sad (So Fine)", "Girl Show!" and "Sorry") to jazz ("New Song ..3") and alt country ("It's Too Bad"). Despite the mix of styles, all the songs have the recognizable Cantona trademark of soulful, sexy vocals, imaginative arrangements and agile rhythms. 'A Sort of Smile' is a strong debut and a taste of things to come.
The Cantona approach is best summed up in one sentence: Smile and expect great things!

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