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Lady Demo

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Lady Demo
Lady Demo Bio:

Im a spanish 21 year old female rapper from the Bronx. I love to write,rap,dance, and perform and most of all give the public what it wants. Im determined to make it to open up doors for others like me trying to make it. Thats why I have the mind set of deliverings hits. So check out these tracks u might just really like what u hear? U be the judge.

Lady Demo Come Check it out posted: 18 Mar 2005 12:19 AM
Placed these tracks to get opinions and constructive criticism say what i want but just remember Im still coming out for the streets. Holla at your girl from the Bronx want to spread this flava world wide. So tune ine aight!!!! One Love to all and a shout out to all trying to do the same get big!!! Stay UP