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When All Falls Down

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When All Falls Down
When All Falls Down Bio:

Biography of When All Falls Down

The band started in September of 2004. We all played in previous bands. Seb played in When September Burns and For Petes Sake. Danny and Kyle played in Blind 11, First Cut and Plan B which all consisted of the same members but we couldn’t decide on a name. Matt went along with Danny and Kyle most of the time so I guess his list is the same as ours.

Before When All Falls Down, Danny, Matt and Kyle joined For Petes Sake, which consisted of Seb and his, friend Luke Junior (the bass player and one of the vocalists). But then we kicked Luke out and took the name, but it turned out that there was already a band called “ For Petes Sake”. Then Seb thought of the name “When All Falls Down” and so the band was named that and it still is.

The band members consist of:

Seb Benoit- Lead Vocals, Guitar,
Danny Hasenuik- Bass, BGV/Throat,
Kyle Mattinson- Guitar
Matt Radawetz- Drums

The band plays emo-core with a little bit of screamo. Danny mostly writes the lyrics, but now we are starting to write the lyrics together so that we can put different perspectives into our songs. We all have different ideas about how we want to make our music, so hopefully all of our ideas will collaborate to create the sound of WHEN ALL FALLS DOWN. What keeps us going is knowing that we know what we want to do and we won’t let anything get in our way of that.

2005 will be the Year For WHEN ALL FALLS DOWN to get more music done and to get know on more so be expecting some rocking songs and some shows from us. Come


Name: Seb Benoit
Years Singing: 2.5
Age: 17
Bands: Senses Fail, Hidden In Plain View, Silverstein, From First To Last, The Juliana Theory, Something Corporate

Name: Danny Hasenuik
Years Playing Bass: 4
Age: 15
Bands: MxPx, Mest, The Used, Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, HIPV, Brand New, Slick Shoes, Hawk Nelson, Atreyu

Name: Kyle Mattinson
Years-Playing Guitar: 4
Age: 14
Bands: Matchbook Romance, Blink-182, TBS, The Used, Finch

Name: Matt Radawetz
Years Playing Drums: 2
Age: 15
Bands: Homegrown, Senses Fail, The Used, TBS, Blink 182, Hawk Nelson, The Black Maria

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