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Inversions Bio:

Following no guidelines of the trendy Halifax music scene, Inversions is ready to rock your world. Five talented young musicians have come to together to form what will be known as the next best new rock band from the East coast. Packing a huge punch in their sound and with their explosive live performances, Inversions leaves their crowds begging for: "please just one more song!". The band has found their own way to be innovative in their music styling and produce a sound all of their own. Regarded as one of the tightest young acts in Halifax, Inversions continues to strive for excellence in an industry sought after by many and only mastered by a few. Inversions knows all too well about the ensuing feats that come with the music business, but feel that music is not an industry, rather a way of life and for the members in Inversions thats exactly what it is, a way of life. Age plays no role in the band as it is very diversified throughout, with the ages of the members ranging from fifteen to nineteen. The talent level of the band is thriving and will continue to grow. The bands belief is that they were born for this and they see their music as a part of them which will never die.

Inversions is comprised of front man Justin Heisler, who holds down a powerfully melodic vocal presence on each monstrous track. Next theirs Dan Morash and Kevin Delorey on guitars which round of the bands sound with mind blowing guitar that not only reaches the ears but reaches the soul. The back bone of this ensemble is made up of Danny Etter who provides the oomph to the tracks with his dominating bass lines and Shane Pardy keeps it all together with his stylistic drumming. Together these five young men form the next big thing in Canadian entertainment. Stepping up to the ever-rising bar of expectation in the music biz, this band is set on a mission; to have their music reach the masses.

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Track Is From The T.E.A South Volume 4 Compilation C.D( And Is Also On Denmark Productions Halifax Plugged In Compilation C.D(    

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