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K@B@L Bio:

Kabal has been involved in music his whole life and has managed to stay steps ahead of the game. Not one for the commercial aspect of it, he has stayed true to the underground format and has never been a man in it for a quick buck. He does it all for the love of the music and it shows.

Kabal is not a household name but in his hometown, the 300,000 plus inhabitants are all familiar with him, unless they've been living under a rock. He has done a tremendous amount for the local scene and has become somewhat of an icon.

Kabal has been involved with over a dozen musical projects over the years ranging from thrash to hip hop to hardcore to funk, but his dream has always been to release his solo cd, which he has never had the chance to do seeing as he has always worked with groups.

Kabal has always been involved in the recording aspects of all his projects but in the last few years he has gained alot more experience in the studio, enough to start his own studio:Secret Society Sound. Kabal has now produced for a handful of MCs with more waiting in the wing.

The time has come for Kabal to make his dream a reality, he has already started recording his long awaited, highly anticipated solo cd entitled "The Baddest Stories Ever Told" and it should be good to go for 2005, unless his perfectionism gets the best of him.

Not one for the world of bling bling, fast women and fast cars, Kabal sticks to what he knows best: Reality. His rhymes are filled with true life experiences and the hard times he has overcome. This debut LP will not be a record, but more so a book of his life.

HURRICANE THEO - Give us Feedback please!!!! posted: 05 Aug 2004 09:43 AM
Please check out the mp3 Hurricane Theo and give us your thoughts/feedback.