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Evermore Bio:

Before mid-2004 Evermore was simply a dream. The four-some (Mike, David, Chris, Vlad), all hailing from different towns in New Jersey, pieced themselves together barely even knowing each other. At that point in time no one even had a bass or drums. Within a couple months a drum-set and bass were purchased to be played by Chris and Vlad. Mike and David continued to play guitar and lend their vocals to the songs. So with two guitars, a bass, drums, and a donated piano, Evermore was born. Soon thereafter, they began to create songs. Their music they make has many influences from bands such as Coldplay, U2, Dashboard Confessional, and even The Cure. Their lyrics deal with everything from heartbreak, as in "Poison Lips" to their view of the world as in "Poverty in Paradise." In the short span of only three months Evermore has found a chemistry together that they never knew they had. The band finds their style hard to describe, however their songs are captivating, their lyrics are meaningful, and the instrumentals are simple and sweet.

Evermore has now recorded their first two demos demo, "Hunter Street," a 6 track EP, and "Something Normal," a five track EP
We appreciate everyone out there who listens to our music! We hope you all enjoy it! - Evermore

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