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jessica sanders
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well, i am 15 and i have always dreamed of being a singer/songwriter. I know Iknow, why would you want another hilary,kelly,lindsay,ashlee,or brittany well.. for starters , i may sound like them but, my style of writing is way different. I like to write about things i have experienced or things to help other teens my age, not only about love and that i think i am in it. I have recently been keeping a journal of my most recent songs and i will soon be recording them,copywriting them, and posting them online. so, maybe you could check it out, you will hear the name jessica sanders me! well if anyone wants to get in touch with me i will be sure to get back to you!

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this song is basically about when you keep searching for something, you think you know what it is ,only to find, what you left, was drowning you, but in the end by setting someone you love free, someone you let yourself revolve around , you actually realized who you are and then, you are free...