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PASK1 Bio:

Pask 1, born Sherod Johnson, November 16th. An athlete by nature, from the age of three he began his capacious, meteoric rise to the top. PO has an ability to actively pursue greatness in all areas. Others began to recognize his ability to word play, tell stories, and captivate any audience he desired early on. With years of dedication to his craft he has manifested himself into an entertainer, a rapper, the likes of which have never been seen before. Pask 1 has continually exhibited the knowledge, skill, and talent necessary to change the game. With two albums and a myriad of performances under his belt, he has poised himself for the total domination of this rap game.

So look out for your boy, pass the word, holla at your peoples a talented, innovative hardworking artist is seeking a deal.

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