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"Outernational's music is as righteous as their politics. They have a rare combination of talent, purpose, and a great sweat drenched live show, uplifting and raw." Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave)

"But trust me, when you see them live you will think, 'hey these guys just got together?' They are going places!! I just saw them for the first time last saturday for a Joe Strummer book release party and, while I picked my jaw off from the floor and stopped dancing like a wildman, i asked myself, 'Was it like this when the Clash got together in '76???'" DJ Shoghi

Based in Brooklyn, New York, OUTERNATIONAL is making visionary music for a new generation of rebels. One of New York’s most exciting new live acts, their unmistakable sound brings influences from throughout the world together with in-your-face hip-hop and searing rock presence. The OUTERNATIONAL sound is fresh and urgent, edgy and impatient.

OUTERNATIONAL is making art to fight for the revolutionary dream of a world without exploitation and oppression - to inspire others to expand their dreams and transform the world.

OUTERNATIONAL is music pushing contemporary culture over the edge.

OUTERNATIONAL has been called “the new Rage Against The Machine”* and has performed with notable rebel rockers The Nightwatchman (Tom Morello), Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Michael Franti and Spearhead, Boots Riley (The Coup), Saul Williams, Wyclef Jean, and Steve Earle. OUTERNATIONAL fired up thousands at the NYC demonstrations during the Republican National Convention in August 2004, performing at the Union Square Not In Our Name rally. They play regularly in New York City and will be playing throughout the East Coast through the end of this year.

This is the band. This is the moment.

Outernational is:
Alex “Turbo” Garcia - drums, backing vocals
Leo Mintek - guitar, backing vocals
Miles Solay - vocals
Sonny Suchdev - trumpet, vocals, percussion
Jesse "Big Red" Williams - bass, backing vocals

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* Naeem Mohaiemen’s 8/31/04 article on Alternet

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