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QUALO --Possesses a unique musical blend of classic street doctrine, spiritual sincerity, humor and urban poetic commentary that has earned them a diverse following; reinging from Chicago and the same crew that brought you the talents of Twista, Do or Die, and Crucial Conflict (although still possessing a strong "East-coast" delivery), these four distinct lyricists possess a synergy and rhythm that has listeners bouncing in excitement one minute and rolling in emotion the next; even simultaneously, at times. -Four producer-lyricists: Maasta Link, Shala Esquire, Preast, and Optimyst the Story... the Movement.'s revolutionary and (often conflicting) street philosophy, music, and unique grassroot style are notorious. The mob has never strayed from Qualo's original stylistic blend of classic street doctrine, spiritual sincerity, humor and ironic/contradictory urban commentary; such is LIFE. The revolution has begun to spread across the country. the Movement. was founded by members of the Chicago hip hop band: Qualo. Olusola "Shala Esquire" Akintunde, Shawndell "Maasta Link" Lewis, Trevell "Preast" Ruffer, and Kenneth "Optimyst" Bayliss decided to acknowledge the growing fan base and support network they were creating by deeming it: "The Movement". Through the leadership and guide of the Movement.'s head: Olusola "Shala Esquire" Akintunde, the collective has grown from solely supporting the band into a conglomerate and 'religion' (of some sorts) represented by several unique artists and DJ's.

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