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Reality (Flint, MI)

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Reality (Flint, MI)
Reality (Flint, MI) Bio:

Reality was formed in the year 2000 with the desire to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world. Based out of Flint, MI, Reality has had the opportunity to reach out to many young people who no longer see any hope in the world in which we live in.

If you look at our world today there is only one direction in which it is headed - down. With all of the pride and selfishness that corrupts our world, we need to hear about the Savior who humbly gave of his life so we may live. It's not just that a man died for people that he loved, it's the fact that he died for people who disgrace him everyday - the fact that a man stood amongst the people of free will his Father intended for righteousness, and demonstrated his own selfless free will and was murdered for it. He came to sympathize with how we are affected by this life's pain and temptation, and without giving into its pressures, he was murdered for it. Not only was his heart murdered by the emotional rejection of us people, but also his physical body as a result of the church he embarrassed by showing the Father's true intentions for it. What a lot of people don't know, and what a lot of religious people won't admit, is that the church murdered Jesus. The sinners didn't kill Jesus, because he always reached out to the sinners before he had anything to do with the church. My point is that Jesus showed us there is a difference between the church life and a true relationship with God. If God wanted us to be religious he wouldn't have had to send Jesus to cover our sin. He also wouldn't have had Jesus give us a model of how to build relationships with sinners.

The only way to God is through Jesus. Without him we are all lost. Lost without a hope of forgiveness because that's why he died. And lost for the hope of eternal life because that's why God raised him from the dead. The purpose of Jesus' resurrection was to show God's power over death in the physical body, and death in the spiritual one as well, because without Jesus' resurrection we are all spiritually dead.

Reality's purpose is to show the reality of God's true love for his creation; the fact that people may see our failures, but God is the only one who truly knows our hearts and what we desire.

Jesus can change this world, because he has changed mine. I know what its like to see my own mother walk out on me, or always needing to be high or drunk to escape the reality of what this world has to offer. The one thing Jesus shows me everyday is that a world addicted to sin will never have anything good to offer. We people make the mistake of rejecting God, when what we fail to realize is that we're rejecting a God who is demonstrating a perfect love by allowing us to reject him.

Love in Christ,


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