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DRT Bio:

DRT formed in 2002 when Mike.C came back to warrington after travelling for 12 years , being in several recording projects and singer/guitarist in the brutal punk metal band KURU thought he would try something totally bizaar and crazy so he got together with his old buddy Riko.D and started recording an album, one year later "DO you like chicken?" was finished a 15 track album full of insane beauties and absolutly not for the faint hearted. We filmed a video to "Abalmoe" shortly before we did a graveyard party and people got naked and drunk causing disturbances . The album is 15 true accounts of DRTs daily life, we are all "DIRTY KNACKERS", and heres a couple of tracks off the album... ENJOY!!!

If You Think My Attitude Stinks You Wanna Smell My Fingers!!! posted: 07 Dec 2004 04:39 PM
"Do You Like Chicken?" 15 track album is available for 10 email us for more details