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Timeline appeared on the progressive music scene in February of 2005, releasing our debut self titled CD, TIMELINE. The CD has garnered great reviews from around the world, appealing to fans of many genres, from AOR to Progressive metal. The songs on the first CD were written during the earlier stages of the band, reflecting different melodic structures and hopeful lyrical messages. Since then, the band has gone through numerous changes driven by writing influences coming from the newer members and external factors which affect us all in our daily lives. There is now a sometimes darker, more ominous tone both in the music and also the lyrical content as these influences have affected the compositions for our forthcoming CD. So, join us in our collective trip down a different road with a destination to places that are yet unknown. We welcome all on the journey. Samples from the new CD are on the MUSIC page NOW!, leading up to the CD release on the next stop on the Timeline...

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Our material crosses over from Progressive into Hard Rock or Metal genres and we initially classifed this as Prog. This tune is on the most recent ProgPower compilation CD which was distributed at the show this past September. Our first CD was released on 2//26/05.