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The LifeStream

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The LifeStream
The LifeStream Bio:

We have all grown up together, been playing music our whole lives. The band originally was formed with Peter, Matthew, and John. We wrote and recorded most of these songs in a small room on a 4 track machine. We recruited a bassist/guitarrist so that playing out would be much easier for us! Luckily for us we had known Tony our whole lives and it just happened to work out perfectly! We wish to spark a positive change in life, for all living things. We make our music for everything, it's our soul purpose to life. Listen and enjoy and spread the love!

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Click here to stream HiFi Flying head woodi - "Flying head" - Experimental
Click here to stream HiFi in the shadow of giants December Rising - "in the shadow of giants" - Experimental
Click here to stream HiFi Manou (Anu's presence) Oxai Roura - "Manou (Anu's presence)" - Experimental