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Some Frequently Asked Questions for Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners

How much does a vacuum cleaner weigh that is considered lightweight?

This is a very straightforward question. A vacuum cleaner is generally considered lightweight when it weighs less than 15 pounds. Most of the best lightweight vacuums are in the range of 9-12 pounds. The lightest model on the market, which weighs less than 9 pounds is usually featured less and is more expensive than the others. In our opinion, it is important to care about size; however, it is better for you to consider size, features, and your demands at the same time.

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Who is the target customer for a lightweight vacuum cleaner?


If you think that a lightweight vacuum cleaner is just for the elderly or for some specific people with health problems, you might change your mind. Lightweight vacuum cleaners are smart choices for everyone. Apartment dwellers need them to take up less space in the closet or apartment, and a lightweight model is the best idea to clean the small living area because of its compact, versatile, easy-to-use and light design. Even if you do not have any space restrictions in your home, you will feel less tired at the end of the cleaning with a lightweight vacuum. A full-size vacuum is really heavy; therefore, it takes you both energy and care to deal with them.

How many types of lightweight vacuums are available in the market?

Lightweight vacuums come in all standard types of a full-size model, including upright, stick, and canister vacuums.

Upright vacuums are usually the least expensive among the three types and work well as effective carpet cleaners. Moreover, it is easy to store them if your home is not so spacious. The drawback is that it could be heavier and more bulky than the others and noisier while using.

Stick vacuums are somewhat like the upright model, but smaller and lighter. It could be the lightest version out of the three and usually has fewer features.

Canister models are optimal for vacuum cleaning on bare floors, stairs and upholstery, drapes, and some other surfaces. The disadvantage of this model is that it takes more space to store them.

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Should we prefer cordless or corded lightweight vacuum cleaners?


The choice is all about your preference. Do you enjoy having long cords following your every step or do you prefer a cordless model that requires charging or replacing the batteries after every use? We will provide both the pros and cons of each for your consideration.

More and more lightweight vacuums are available in the cordless version. The advantages are: it is lighter, you will concentrate on cleaning without noticing what is following you or what is getting stuck behind you, store it easily, and you can do your cleaning outside of your home like in cars, campers, or yard. The disadvantages are the higher cost, it has more limited use time because of the batteries, and its dust container usually is smaller than on the corded versions.

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The corded vacuum will satisfy you more if you require a stronger suction power, larger dust container, and lower cost when comparing it with the cordless models. One significant advantage is that you can use it as long as you want without the power limit. On the other hand, the corded models might annoy you because of the draping cord and unit size.