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The Morenas

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The Morenas
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Home" is Londoners THE MORENAS second single and your reviewer's first thought is how the fuck did I miss the first one?

Because "Coming Home" is a cracker. It's taut and guy-rope tight riff pop; gritty and insistent and full of briliant dead stops. It's a bitten-off tale of heroic youthful tearaways and not dissimilar to Razorlight, but with Paolo's acrobatic vocals helping it to stand out. He's attracted comparisons with the likes of Jeff Buckley and Matt Bellamy, but while he certainly soars, his voice is far more rock'n'roll ingrained and "Coming Home" simply struts with cocksure attitude.

Flip over and you're still in love. "Filthy" is more of the same and a dark chug of a thing, sorta somewhere between early "Bruise Pristine"-era Placebo and Borrell's boys. It's great, sharp and updated new wave with a superb group performance (drummer Steve Wilson especially is quite a find) and immediately marks The Morenas out from the pack. And it rhymes "spill" with "Coup de Ville". Magic. It's often the B-sides that mark the greats out after all, ain't it?
Anyway, I'll hold back on gushing praise 'til I've heard more, but "Coming Home" and "Filthy" are certainly the sound of greatness lurking around the corner. More rapidly, please.