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Ben G.

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Ben G.
Ben G. Bio:

The musical stylings of Ben G. are difficult to cram into just one catagory.

"... I'm not the kind to follow trends. I do what I do, whether its in or not..."

In an age where Las Vagas style acts seek sanctuary in reality t.v. Ben G. is doing what could be seen as the polar opposite.

"I'm no Idol thats for sure. But then the word itself stands for somthing that's false so why would I want to be."

His First net promo recording created quite a bit of buzz over the net.

"Its been hard to find an audience. It seems like for everyone who likes me theres someone else ready to blast me... Its more intimate and personal not everyones thing, I understand. I cant play everything at once."

The sound is organic but still rock so its in an almost none existant catagory as far as "pop" music is consernd.

But then deep down isn't that what rock is all about.