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MGM MAX ENTERTAINMENT, an independent Label with international standard and Partner Network in UK offers a PROMO PACKAGE for indie artists for a limited time only.

1. Get Digital distribution deal to 100 music stores worldwide.Pandora,Apple iTunes etc with our UK partner company of over 20years of experience. (Full list of digital stores available upon request) Optional if you choose to release with us.

a) Free ISRC for your releases
b) Get video distribution to Youtube and Vevo

2a). Get 60 radio station Submission for airplay in U.S
b). Get 60 radio station Submission for airplay in U.K (both UK and US with confirmation sent to you).

3. Get top 15 global music and entertainment magazines coverage for publicity and interviews and exposure to more than 7million fans reading every month, plus get noticed by professional A&R in music industry that can discover more opportunities such as landing a big recording deals for your music career.

4. Get professional EPK designed to give your music quality branding internationally

5. Get Sync Music Licensing for your music to make more money with TV/films ,cartoon and games and advertising companies and image branding marketing.

6. Get big publicity boost in Nigeria through entertainment news post and publicity to increase your global fans plus your music to more than 5miilion music fans.

7. Get social media buzz through a dedicated music PR and DJ network on twitter with over 500,000 global fans.

8.Get special music video airplay to our UK TV partner with over 6million views every month.(if you release your music with us)

9. Get professional representatives worldwide with clients for contracts opportunities.

10. Get global top 15 internet radio airplay with fans of upto 5 milion listeners worldwide.

11. Top 10 Spotify curators playlist to promote your songs

All with just $200 only.

NOTE; if you choose to release your music with us,you will get a deal signed with us to ensure standard compliance and your interest are protected,1 or 2years distribution deal. Your royalties will also be legally managed by our UK distribution partner through all your releases,radio airplay royalties and video monetization. We are strictly open and 100% transparency in effective service delivery
Any Enquiry?
send them to with EMAIL SUBJECT; 2019 PROMO.
(Get Response 24-48hrs MAX, Mon-Sat)