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Ellz Coles

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Ellz Coles
Ellz Coles Bio:

Born Ellie J. Coles, Ellz Coles began creating music in the back room of her house at a very young age. She quickly began displaying her talent and ability to communicate her life story, including obstacles, and positive events, through her lyrics. Her music is not quite the grandchild of either Hank Williams or Bill Monroe, the sounds she alternately loved and hated growing up. It is only a cousin to the Hip Hop, Rap, & R&B music streaming out of her car windows she listened to during her teenage years. Never apologizing for her honesty and always remaining in touch with inner self, Ellz has only began to expose the world to what she feels is missing in music. Songwriter, photographer and videographer are additions to her long list of talents. At such a young age, she has a lot she wants to show her fans- and given the multitude of talent she has- the future is bright as ever for her. From her home in Trenton NJ to her second home in Southern California Ellz is prepared to take the world by storm.

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