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Rose Reiter

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Rose Reiter
Rose Reiter Bio:

Singer-Songwriter - Hot AC / Pop writer |Vocalist | Musician Background: The odd duckling from Vancouver I’m lucky to have grown up in Vancouver, on the Canadian Westcoast. If you know Vancouver, then you know I would have been rather inexcusably odd if I grew up anywhere else. Its people are from everywhere, and it is a colourful city with rich international influences. Although I don’t currently live there, Vancouver was the best place for this odd duckling to have wet her feet. I sometimes long for its rainforests and food - and I enjoy visiting when I can. I was always the short one. The one who wore glasses and spoke computer. The one who spent more time in an auditorium, lighting booth and green room than is considered healthy. The one who ate with chopsticks more than with forks. The one who would smile and say ‘Good Morning’ in one of 10 languages, scaring many-a-stranger along any given sidewalk on any given day. Growing up next to a cemetery, funeral home, and dance hall didn’t help things either – my perspective on life, death and the universe was rather intense for a short kid with glasses. Think Tim Burton, but as a blonde little innocent looking girl who had a slight crook in her glasses. I had a Sound of Music image, but with a very dark and twisted underpinning. Still do. Just in case you ever meet me. Nothing is too twisted. I’ve always been a creative performer. Dance, Music, Theatre, Writing. All of the above. My ancestry had the musical and performance gene – so it was natural for me at the age of 3 to hop onto the piano and begin plunking away melodies that I’d heard elsewhere. Piano teachers initially didn’t take me on cause my fingers were too small, but eventually I did find teachers and mentors along the way that guided me through to where I am today. And just like any professional, I keep pushing myself to learn more, grow more, challenge myself more, and fulfill my role on this little blue planet as best I can. Secondary genres are rock, electronica, dance, vocal soundscapes 2 full Albums released independently (What I don’t Get, 2000, Real v3, 2006) 2 more currently in production (2010): Standby and (working title) ReEntry Her fanbase extends through the U.S. and Europe. She’s a professional vocalist with a large range and versatility, having worked as a studio vocalist for most of her life. Her secondary instruments are piano and guitar. She’s a multi-faceted performer, with a dance and theatre background. She has lent her voice to international releases, most recently Versailles Records “Stairway to Heaven”, 2008, along with several other Versailles Records albums (Nashville). Currently writes with other songwriters, such as Nadia Ackerman of NY, SkyScreamers (Nashville), and with her partner in life and music, Gerry Plant (Bass, composition, arrangement, and production). Currently working with Joe Bonadio (NY) in production of the ReEntry album. Several of their songs have made it into TV and Film projects, and they write and produce material for the commercial music industry as well as for commercial TV and Film projects. (Currently self-published, all-in-one writing and production capabilities.) 8)

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Song written by Canadian Songwriter Rose Reiter - donated towards international humanitarian relief. All proceeds donated to International Red Cross via the Canadian Red Cross for 2011    

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Produced by Joe Bonadio
David Sancious on Keys, Oz Noy on Guitar, Gerry Plant on Bass, Joe Bonadio on Drums, Rose Reiter on Vox