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Hermano Stereo

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Hermano Stereo
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2-5 people making Outsider Pop Music, from NJ. Formed in 2008 by Scott Thomas and Montana Loran. Hermano Stereo just released their new album, "Charmed, I'm Sure" on January 4, 2017, via The Catastrophic Loss Division, the band's own label. The record was recorded mostly in their home studio, The Zoo, and elaborates on the sound of the band's previous two e.p.s, while flirting with new genres and delving deeper into the idiosyncratic views that inspire their lyrics. Speak into my Good Eye compared the album's first single "The Tumbleweeds" to the Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse, and called the track inventive, atmospheric, and timely.

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Recorded and Mixed at The Zoo by Scott Thomas
Mastered by Oliver Ignatius at Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen

Scott-Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars
Montana-Vocals, Piano, Nord, MicroKorg
Eric- Bass, Vocals
Paul-Fuzz Factory
Baby Bear-Deleted Melodica