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Blee Bio:

With songs featured in hit American TV series Shameless, Graceland, and True Blood Blee continues to make major moves in this business.

Growing up on the paradise Caribbean island of Montserrat, Blee started off his life instilled with values and structure. Tragedy struck his idyllic surroundings In July 1995 when the now infamous and tragic volcano erupted on the island destroying more than half the region including his childhood home. Uprooted, he moved to Canada to start a new life, he later made a move to the UK where he finally settled in London.

A multi talented producer, writer and performer, Blee is the answer to today’s lost generation of those both young and old on a quest to find themselves amongst the chaos of a traditionalist uninspired society. They say it takes just one person to make a change, shake things up and set the pace and we say that Blee has come along at just the right time!

His song ‘Street Jam’ has been one of his most successful releases to date having been featured in hit American TV series Graceland and Lincoln Heights. he has collaborated with many producers over the years including Sony South Africa’s hit producer ClassyMenace. They have done several collaborations together which continue to enjoy great success including their Dance hit ‘Serenade’ which was featured in the vampire series True Blood.

He is the pioneer of the Respect Your Legacy movement which is all about encouraging people to live free from fear and getting them to live of love and extraordinary expression. One of the missions of Respect Your Legacy is to expose the world to positive messages everyday!

He has laid claim to Friday the 13th and says It will now be known as ‘Blee Day’. The day he releases new material. The plan is to release 13 chapters of the Chronicles the last of which will be Chapter 1…..yeah, we know. When ask what the obsession with the number 13, his response is “I just needed a deadline that I couldn’t change. There’s always something else that I want to add to a record so without the fixed deadline, nothing would ever get released”

In addition to his skills as a producer and writer, he has set up his own independent record label/publishing company Respect Your Legacy Records, which specialising in artists from the Caribbean. With intentions to both cultivate new artists and create a new generation of trendsetters, he also feels it is important to hold on to what’s yours in order to stay true and fill that ever growing gap in the market.

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