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Born and raised in the crime infected East New York section of Brooklyn NY, SG knows struggle and hardship first hand. Taking to music at a young age, he used it as a way of painting a picture of what the goes on in the areas that get overlooked to the mainstream media. Becoming really good at it, he decided to take it serious in 2003 performing at the infamous club Speeed in NYC as a show opener for Cassidy (when with full surface). IN the coming years he would receive thumbs up and offers from some of the most notable veterans in the game, on the verge of coming to terms with a deal he was incarcerated in 2007. Currently able to get on his job and back with his gift of songwriting and artistry, he is back to not be the savior of the game....but wants to be someone that has an album or body of music that can always be listened to. No gimmicks, just REAL music and lyricism.