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Contaminants members Producer/DJ Koo-C and mic controller Absnt have been smashing mics throughout Northern California for over 10 years. Producer/DJ Koo-C, a member of the Univesal Zulu nation, is one of the hottest DJ's in SF regularly showcasing his new jack, and classic hip-hop collection w/ partner Mark Spitz at the now famous Extra Classic parties (2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month) and his weekly Lyric Fathom emcee battle Wednesdays at The Red Eye Lounge on Mission @ 9th/10th in San Francisco. Koo-C and Absnt are readying their long awaited Kill It Before It Grows EP for a March 2005 release. Their full length LP will follow in May '05. For Booking and Press ops contact: Mark Spitz (Since Eighty6)

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Vintage Image depicts a young b-boy in the 80's obsessed with the cover girl "Darlene" on Ice T's Power LP. Real heads will remember the late knight trips to the medicine cabinet to retrieve the vaseline and the toilet tissue. Prepubescent, wet dreanin', Darlene feenin' 12 year olds knew the time...