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Shell Shock Lullaby

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Shell Shock Lullaby
Shell Shock Lullaby Bio:

Formed in Butte, Montana September of 2012, "Shell Shock Lullaby" immediately began creating their own unique style of rock music influenced by various alternative, classic and modern rock styles. In March 2011, Shell Shock Lullaby released their debut EP, "Finding Our Way" which sold over 200 physical copies in the first year in addition to iTunes sales and internet radio play. Among various local and out of town shows, Rock Fest 2011 was a highlight of the year, where the band opened for AXE. The band later went on to play festivals like Butte's very own Evel Knievel Days 2012 and the IAFF MG Rally 2012, where they opened for .38 Special. In September of 2011, the band travelled to Lehi, Utah to collaborate with producer, Tyler Monks, and Scot Alexander, the bassist of Dishwalla. The sessions have produced 4 new songs and a remixed single, "Backwards," from the previous EP. The songs will become the band newest self-titled release, Shell Shock Lullaby, due in winter of 2013. SSL recently began working with manager, Greg Haberek, and will promote their EP with a series of small tours that extend through the spring and summer of 2013. Meanwhile, they continue writing and recording sessions on their full length album which is coming very soon.

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