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EYE-Industrial-Music Bio: : : : EYE's music has received international radio airplay & very extensive radio play across Australia including on the coveted daily playlist of national radio station Triple J (JJJ) & the national Community Radio network. Eye's self-released albums have achieved 'Album of the Week' status on several Australian radio stations (including 4ZZZ & 2XX); some 'zero-budget' videos have been broadcast on several national (Australian) TV stations (ABC & SBS); songs have been released on over 50 compilation CDs worldwide. Overall though EYE avoided the traditional music 'career' with its pressure to give up everything in order to tour and struggle from day to day financially.

EYE has explored a range of genres including many varieties of industrial and gothic music like: darkwave, electro-rock, electro-punk, cybergoth, cyberpunk, glitch-hop, electronic body music (EBM), witch-house, powernoise, future-pop, IDM, electroclash, digital hardcore... with a distinct nod of admiration to the music of numerous Australian bands... borrowing from other genres, occasionally using structures of hip-hop, punk-power-pop and rock.

EYE’s best known radio songs include: “A Nice Walk in the Park”, “(I wanna be a) CIA Hypno-Programmed Robot Assassin”, “Mandate!”, “Workers United”, “Song for Refugees (Detention Without Trial)” and "Taliban..." The latter two were only released to Australian Community Radio stations and received high rotation prime time slot airplay (breakfast & drive-time shows) for several years.

Some review quotes about EYE from music media:
- "imagine a mix between NIN, the Chemical Brothers, Atari Teenage Riot, the Aphex Twin & Negativland..." Canberra Times daily newspaper
- "original... punk ethic... tech-industrial... influences from acid to drum and bass ... atmospheric & spooky to in your face... " DRUM Media, Sydney's music newspaper
- "chilling yet hilarious... intense... full-on techno... industrial sounds, samples and chants to make non-mainstream political statements... trance-inducing... intelligent and outspoken..." D.B. music, Adelaide city's music newspaper.

EYE's official website:

EYE are proud to be part of a distinct tradition of Australian Industrial Music including DarkWave CyberGothic CyberPunk and EBM styles and are honoured to be an inspiration to many contemporary Australian Industrial DarkWave Cybergothic EBM Bands & Artists. A profile page can befound at

EYE's music is accompanied by visuals at the band's youtube channel : and at

For a while EYE released music and performed live under various side-project names such as “E.L.F.” (Electronic Liberation Front) , “elf”, “DJ Citizen”, "aya", “QT” and at the Sydney Big Day Out music festival as "Stoat" (aka. Clan Analogue Canberra). EYE's live 'ELF' performances were usually done dressed in satin white druid-like robes with hoods down to cover their faces.

EYE's SoundCloud page is
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